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Go Fishing with an Army of Hooks

Carry as many as 25 Hooks up to 2000 Metres Offshore

Right to where the Big Fish are!

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Introducing the Conrad Meier Fish Harvester

The Self-Propelled Watercraft

Target the Big Fish up to 2,000 metres Offshore while you enjoy the Beach at the Same Time!

Servo and Rudder

Work together to steer the Conrad Meier Fish Harvester

Main Line Tow Plate

Allows the harvester to follow a straight path out from shore

Light and Tough Hull

Allows it to travel easily through the water penetrating high waves and keeping a good line

Strobe Light

Mandatory for night fishing or overcast conditions

Lightweight & Tough, Wave-piercing Hull with Power Thrust Motor.

Allows fast travel across the water and easy penetration through high waves while keeping a good line.

Tow a Long Line of up to 25 Hooks

Increase your chances of catching fish by sending out an Army of up to 25 Hooks at one time. Use the Guided Trace Rack to load up your baited tracers.

Long Range Fishing

Fish from the safety of the shore while your sleek and powerful Fish Harvester goes through strong rips, tides, winds, swells and complex cross currents to take your hooks almost 2km's offshore - right to where the big fish are!

Haul Your Catch in Quicker with the Fully Automated, Variable Speed Winch

When you want to pull in the Fish Harvester use the heavy duty trawler winch to haul your catch in faster. The winch can be controlled by the Remote making it easier to fish single-handed.

Fish All Year Round in Almost Any Conditions Even at Night!

The powerful thrust motor allows you to catch fish in almost any conditions, in big seas and high winds. Go Fishing at Night or in overcast conditions with the use of the strobe light.

Added Convenience

The sleek and powerful Fish Harvester comes with everything including the buggy . The Fish Harvester comes with everything you need including the dual-purpose Remote and the Buggy to make fishing single-handed or perhaps with the family so much easier.

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Feed your Family & Friends with a variety of different fishes

Fishing Has Never Been So Easy

Launch the Fish Harvester from the safety of the shore.

The unique Remote Control allows you to Stop/Start & Steer the Fish Harvester plus control the winch when it’s time to retrieve your catch

Now enjoy the Beach while you wait for the Fish to Bite – 30 minutes or less is normally enough!

Then with a press of a button Winch in the Line to see what you’ve got!

Fish Harvester - Ready to Launch
(Buggy Included)

Fish Harvester includes everything for fishing success!

  • 3 x Batteries
  • Charger
  • Buggy
  • Variable-speed Winch with 2,000 metre Main Line
  • Trace Rack
  • Catch & Trace Rack Carry Bag
  • 25 Traces
  • Gloves
  • Spare Winch Handle
  • Flag
  • Strobe Light
  • Manual with DVD

*Always check your local fishing regulations before fishing

Frequently Asked Questions

1x Fish Harvester hull

3x 12V Batteries and battery charger

1x Electric winch

1x Strobe light

1x Trace rack

1x Visibility flag

1x Remote control

1x Catch & Trace Rack Carry Bag

25 x Traces/Hooks

2x 200gm Line Weights

Beach Buggy

A pair of fully charged batteries will allow for TWO 30 minute runs out to sea before needing to be recharged.

Lead Acid "wet" Batteries for the Hull and winch, D size dry-cell for the strobe-light.

Nylon (Monofilament) with 90kg breaking strain

2 x 200 gm each


77cms H x 34.5cm W

  • Hull approx. 1300mm long x 275mm wide (Hull only approx. 150mm dia.) x 530mm deep including prop guard.
  • Main Line  2,000 metres x 90kg Monofilament.
  • Stainless steel hooks size 6/0 Recurve circle on 60cm 20lb Trace lines.
  • Aluminium Trace rack is 77cm x 34.5cm, free-standing sandwich-board style with top guide rail for main line.
  • 12 volt lead acid “wet” Batteries are 12 Amp hour at 2 hour discharge rate.
  • 2 x Fully charged batteries will give 2 x 30 minute runs in flat conditions.
  • FH ready to launch with batteries weighs approx. 18.5kg.
  • 30lb Thrust motor paired with custom-designed hydrodynamic hull.
  • 2-Year Warranty.
  • Supplied in 2 boxes, Buggy requires assembly.

Approx. 1300mm x 275mm x 530mm overall including propeller etc.

Main kontiki hull (orange plastic hull) approx. 150mm dia. x 1300mm

The batteries are each 12 Amp Hour at a 2 hour discharge rate. (Not Amps per hour) These preferably should come from us as the discharge rate is high and batteries are suitably specified - not like alarm batteries.

The hook is size 6/0, KL recurve design made of stainless steel.

Approximately 60cms long with 20lb breaking strain.

30lb (14kg)

28 – 25 is the legal limit plus 3 spares

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